Thursday, June 05, 2008

All aboard the Rad Train!

Street vs Tweak, this Sunday, 12pm @ MFI! Last call!

I have no idea whether this will actually embed and/or work, it asked me to configure a show player 'n' stuff, I think I did it right...

If not, go to Orchid's site and check out the TransAm Jam video. It's too good! I'm pretty sure that if you traced out the lines that Van Homan does around that bowl, it'd probably look like a sweet spirograph piece.

More Videorama from WTP, this time it's Bruno Hoffman. I've seen plenty of contest footage of him, and plenty of people telling me they'd seen him ride and he's amazing, but this is the first street video I've seen from him, and he bosses that too. Big respect! It's nuts how he's almost 7 years younger than me, but he's been riding way longer than me, haha. Either way, rad vid.

Two Fit updates from Road To Glory - Federal clocking up more points as a result of creative usage of flour and ketchup? Unlucky, Fit...

Proper have a second update up on Ride UK's site.

Fit have signed up another ripper for their flow team, Trey Jones: from Brett Rohlfing on Vimeo.

ROFLing? It ain't no laughing matter. I thought you had to be brakeless to get signed for Fit these days? Only a matter of time!

BMXUnion have an interview up with Will Stroud. Kinda interesting, Levis DVD soon?

But yeah, SvT. See you there...

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