Wednesday, June 04, 2008


H-Man photo

Federal have Day 2 of Ride To Glory info up here.


Day 3 of the Ride To Glory trip for Fit.

The Hotwheels X WTP page has some more video clips and writing up on it. No competition yet though...

Ride have not one but two team updates from RTG on their own site.

New Animal products up on Dig.

No prizes for guessing where this came from (But it does have some really, really good riding in it):

MASSBMX/THECOMEUP commercial for Props 69 from RODIZZLE on Vimeo.

And in similar news, the covers for Props 69:

TheComeUpBoard also has some pics from the Brooklyn race. Pretty nuts!

Give-D have a new site up.

Devon Hutchins has a new update on his site with a load of new pics and an Aaron Ross clip in it.

Flybikes Sergio Smp from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Sergio Layos leaving the ground twice whilst riding a bowl, from Fly.

Cleggy's down with Hit The Switch being online. Check it out, decide you like it, then buy a copy for real.

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