Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Links galore!

Sean Sexton has a bikecheck on BAR, who are coming to the end of their project. Can't wait to see the DVD!

Plenty of Ride To Glory updates:
WTP 3 (P.S. James Smith's got another tattoo...)
WTP 4, win a seat
Federal 1
Proper (x lots) (There's also a sweeeeeet Alex Kennedy vid posted on there on the 28th May)


Click Here to read the opening spreads of the Ian Sportz interview from the last RideUS. It was good. Spotted on the freshly updated Lotek Blog, well worth checking out!

Couple of lifestyle photos of the Mutiny team with/by Walter Pieringer.

Mike Taylor is back in action after some super-fun knee surgery, just in time for summer! It's gotta be no fun being him.

My archaic computer (iMac in a few weeks...) means that this video runs like Paula Radcliffe, i.e. not very well at the moment. However, it's Give D and as a result it's worth it.

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