Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Man, Street vs Tweak was awesome. Great riding, great weather, great times, great people - pretty sweet combination, to be fair. I'm still yet to man up and actually sort through the photos I took from the day (The problem of owning 4gb cards is that you shoot and shoot away, not realising you've actually taken 400 photographs of "stuff"...), so here's one of Mr. Low Profile himself, Sam, tableing at Chandlers Ford's latest addition.

There's actually two, 'cos I just found the other one. Ghost-town park sessions are cool.

Anyway, stuff's been happening outside the sphere of Southampton this week, up to and including:

Ryan Smith getting a Bikecheck.

Niki Croft features in this video, taken from this website.

The results of Ride to Glory may or may not be contained in this blog.

The Macneil-rider-who's-name-I-never-spell-right has a video up here.

Lastly, Nathan Williams has a new video here. Should I be like everyone else who's posted about this video and go on about how it's also "B-footage" and not going in the final Levis DVD which should be out later this year? Or should I just go on about how I hope the music's better in the DVD than any of the web-vids so far...

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