Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, this weekend was hectic. Blown freecoaster bearings, rain, Luc-E grinds, rain, X-ups, rain, tables, rain, bump-downsides, rain, etc.


But yeah, good times were had, expect the photographic results to pop up some time soon.

Tomorrow We Work is now officially so close. I really can't wait. I was a little 'upset' when I found out there's another premiere on at the Carhartt Store in London on the 27th, having spent a bit of money and a LOT of time going to Sheffield for the o.g. premiere. 8 hours on a bus is not for the faint-hearted.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Tuesday was BikecheckDay. Ashley Charles (Check that new Eclat setup...), Ryan Smith and... someone who I've forgotten have all had bikechecks posted up by their respective companies, and having had to set up a photoshoot of a plastic carrier bag in my room (no joke), I decided to follow suit:

And yes, I decided to rinse my student loan on that GLH-R on the back. After seeing Street Joel run foldables, I kinda felt a little safer doing it, so there we are.

RideUS have got some updates from Props RF16 up on their site. That video's going to be insane. RF14 and RF15 were, as the bird on my headtube says, "Awesome", and with a bigger + better crew, RF16 shouldn't disappoint.

Speaking of not disappointing - I haven't bought a Props issue since 50, and I'm not even sure I bought that, but either way - Props 68 is good. Defpaul does some ridiculousness, as does Cranmer and Nathan Williams, but the real highlight was the Kink roadtrip. I didn't really expect too much, and ended up being pleasantly surprised (Kinda led myself into that I guess). Sean Sexton is a treat in that section, some amazing riding. Well worth buying + watching! Club together and share custody with a friend or something, I don't care - just get it!

I think I might be going senile or something - I have no idea whether I posted this up before, but there's a United X Defgrip collab up on Defgrip's homepage that's worth a watch.

Equally, Demolition have a new Rob Wise edit up that's not really new any more, but yeah, Rob Wise > Rain so you may as well watch it, right?

If you were at Backyard Sheffield, you'll have probably spotted this dude there destroying the volcano. Luke Towey is, as they say, dialled. Unfortunately, Mpora really isn't, but yeah, watch the vid:

More BMX Videos >>

Literally blistering quality.

Best web-vid title ever? Gnarwhale spring edit.

Will it work? Who knows - Vital have got a new Johnny Stevens vid up as the Levis C.o.t.W.:

Fingers crossed...

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