Thursday, April 24, 2008

Best rumour ever?

One of the best parts of the integration of the internet into the BMXing world is gossip (Which I got caught out with last post, cheers for the heads up Nuno!), and potentially the best rumour I've heard, courtesy of TheComeUpBoard, is that Federal/Lotek/Fremont (<-New site!)/Primo rider Dan Lacey is being tried for "Attempted murder" because "supposedly his little brother got battered and he went after them with a sword".

I laughed.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, NORA cup award for best opening line on a video ever? Potentially. Fulfilling that "One NORA cup reference per day" rule pretty successfully there.

Last time I dedicated a video post to Sam, expecting him never to read it, I got a "Cheers dude!" next time I saw him. Going for two in a row - Sam, check this video out, you'll dig it. No pun intended.

Sunday have released the pics of the production Ian Schwartz frames. If that head angle was a wee bit steeper, the back end a wee bit shorter, and that Macneil post a wee bit less integrated (New Wave 2 frames out soon after the Ian frame, so it won't be too much longer, hopefully!), I'd be all over that like a rash. Pics of it look sweet anyway, so I'll put a tempter up here then you can click over to the relevant page yoselves.


Rob Wise is a champ (And off Mirraco - incidentally: In case you're not Sam, and you didn't click that link earlier, head over to Ride UK's site to win a Mirraco Blend. How's that for editorial linkup? (Which is itself a quote from an old Ride. Double whammy!)): Proof here.

Speaking way earlier of both Nuno and Lotek, I just saw on Defgrip that the new Lotek Spring/Summer models are out now, specifically the Nightwolf Slims and the Coastals. More info up on the Lotek site, but yeah, I'm into the Coastals.

More long-term readers might remember me posting up this photo literally ages ago:

Well, the news about that new Van Homan Casual shoe has been confirmed. I can't even remember how I got hold of that photo back then in the first place, but it was like a weird sense of deja vu reading the Orchid news page about that shoe model. Creative writing at it's finest in that news page too. Trying to talk about Van's shoes in relation to Vans shoes = literary techery.

Big news I forgot to mention until now (That's how pro I am) is that the new PijinForum is up and indeed running. Fellow blogger, former freecoaster user, current shop worker and "Car Enthusiast" BoneDave hit me up with a link to the beta version a few days ago, and now, like the former kid's TV show staring pre-grey-haired Philip Schofield, the forum is literally Going Live. I'm sure if Dan's internet connection allows him to read this blog, he'll probably approve of that last bit. Anyway, get involved, tell everyone what you think about life, Pijin, this blog or anything you want, and we'll all pretend to be interested...

Lastly, Snafu have some new product out. Here's a link to the Fat BMX article about it, but knowing the majority of Southampton's riders to some extent, I'm guessing the chances of anyone running any of that stuff are probably about the same as Mike Escamilla's life being described as "Boring".

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