Thursday, April 10, 2008

Genuinely loads of stuff!

Right, in order:

Defgrip and Shook have released a Garrett Reynolds "Like Totally" remix. His section in Like Totally, even though it had sucky music, was still rawrsome, so go here, read the interview, then begin downloading the video.

While you're waiting for that to come through, rejoice in the fact that yet another company is trying to reinvent the wheel, in BB form. This time, it's those German dudes KHE. To quote their press release type thing:

AFFIX® bush system

At the moment we are testing a new kind of BB-cup which features the „patent pending” AFFIX® bush system and the proven quality of igus® bush bearings. These bush bearings are principally used in the industry, primarily on permanently running applications at high temperatures. Each of them can sustain more than 3 tons.

Their advantages are obvious: They are unbelievable compact and weigh next to nothing. They have the highest wear resistance and the lowest friction. They feature excellent resistance against extreme conditions like high temperature, humidity, chemicals. They're maintenance-free, lubricant-free, corrosion resistant and extremely insensitive to dirt.

The AFFIX® bush system features strong alloy cups to get the most resistant end-product. One alloy cup including the iglidur® bush bearing weighs only 36g/0.079lbs. Compared to a regular Mid B/B (including spacers), the AFFIX bush system saves 120g/ 0.265lbs, while it's more durable and maintanance-effortless.

Quite. Anyway, they look cool, observe!


Mutiny have put up their new online catalogue - for the record, I'm all about companies making more information available online. It's not that hard, but it helps everyone out. Just think - fewer e-mails in your inbox asking boring product info questions? Too. Easy.

Seth Kimbrough has a bikecheck up on BAR, and Brad Simms, Seth and Bruce Crisman have been keeping the Clip of the Day feature ticking over nicely. It really is worth checking back there regularly...

Lastly, if you ever see me running a pair of bars this big, shoot me. Solid Roseanne bars: 9" x 31"

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