Friday, April 04, 2008

Bunch o' stuff...

My legs hurt. So much riding. If you weren't making the most out of the early summer we had today, sucks to be you!

AAAAAAAAAAAnyway, Josh Eilken has delivered another pretty sweet web-vid for laredeF:

Jeff Koscis, who I mentioned earlier, has a new video up too. Head over to the Madera site, go to Video (Which is weirdly seperated from the "Media" section? What?), then wait for it to load, I guess. Yep, I'd like to just embed it here too instead of giving you the web-vid equivalent of an AA routemap from Pijin to John O'Groats, but hey, there we are.

The ever innovative Mutiny have released the info on some of their new products, so here is the Hemi frame and the Lifted stem. All the details - along with a Randy Taylor bike check - are up on their site.

They also have all the new details on the Burlish frame - refined doesn't even begin to describe it.

Speaking of - United have got some new specs on their frames/products, as well as a pretty sweet deal whenever you buy any of their new Frames/Bars/Forks - head over to Defgrip for more.

Lastly, Standard have a new web-video out. Unfortunately, I'm still too traumatised from the toss that was Whatever-their-DVD-was-called (No really, I've actually stricken it from my memory), so you'll have to scout that one out for yourself.

Mike Spinner lands this trick so easily that I don't really understand why they didn't just film him doing it over a real jumpbox to make it a fully valid trick?


As I said aaaaages ago, vert is out of the X-Games - here's the proof.

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