Wednesday, April 30, 2008

502 - Mutiny, Lotek & People.

Streetphire have pulled another cool feature out of the bag, and this time it's a new look at the latest product line from Mutiny. It's up on their home-page, so go check it out.

Whilst lurking there, I also spotted the link to Lotek's site where they reveal the purpose of the white Coastals - DIY Colourschemes. This purple colour = all good:

Interesting Fact: I have the same size feet as Jason Enns. Check out the Lotek Blog for more info on how to dye your new shoes, assuming you manage to get some. I pretty much exclusively directed that last comment at Carlos. Nudge ;-)

Stephen Murray appears to have dropped out of the BMX Consciousness these days after the hype surrounding his support jams and the like, but he's got a great interview up on EXPN. Well worth a read.

Owain Clegg has a little bikecheck up on the Shadow website. Incl. vid!

In semi bike-related news, the ComeUpBoard informs me that both Garrett Reynolds and Eli Platt are now brakeless. Should make it iiiiiiinteresting. Speaking of Eli, his HD video part is available for free over at Micreation. Check out the out-takes to hear: Woman - "Who are you?" Eli - "Me? I'm... leaving."

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