Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The future?

Ever since the dawn of GoogleVideo, where large file-size videos could easily be uploaded and downloaded from the interwebs, there's been talk of the demise of the Great BMX Riding Video. Why would companies bother spending a load of money on sending riders all over the world to film for their parts, paying someone to film, edit and produce the video, then having it duplicated, hype-ing the video up - it ain't cheap. In every major interview with any BMX videographer, there's always been the obligatory "What next?" question that's been popped, usually with the answer of "Well, er, we've got something planned."

Micreation have always been pushing the web-vid envelope, with their Micreation Widget and smooth, high quality vids (Eli Platt's online section was talked about as deserving the NORA Cup award for best section, despite it being inelligible because it wasn't on a DVD/video), and now Dave Jacob's has shown his hand with the launch of the new MiNet videoservice.

The trailer for the new Brad Simms video part

Basically, what we now have are pay-per-view HD video slots from the different riders on their team, starting with Mr. Brad Simms. For your $2 (Favourable exchange rate, don't forget), you get access to the main video part itself, out-takes, extra clips, crashes and the chance to download the song from the video. However, for your $2, you only get 2 weeks access, and no chance to download the actual video itself.

Dave Jacobs is keen to stress though that this is for a full video part of DVD standard riding, filming and editing, just online.

Currently, on TCU, Defgrip and ESPN, there are coupons that you can use to view the Brad Simms slot for free, although you'll have to be quick because each code only works for the first 50 people (Meaning 150 people can check it out for free). Whether you think the video's worth the money for 2 weeks use is of course your opinion, personally I think it's pretty damn amazing. The riding's unbelievable, but only having access for 2 weeks seems a little short.

Micreation claim that the 'profit' goes to the riders, but the way it's distributed between the riders remains to be seen.

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The 1 million dollar Electronical budget thing is not true :)