Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hai guise!

4Down have a sweet new Lewis/Clegg/Ditchburn vid up, go check it, it's good!

What's not so good is the video of Eddie Cleveland "merking" his ankle on P2 of the Lotek Blog. Every time I see someone do that it makes me remember the feeling of snapping my ankle, way not cool.

You want it? You got it - Fit are now doing the DLD/DLR and S3 stems in flat purple. Anodising is nuts these days:

The S3 also comes in Nickel now too (Pictured), and is "Less machined out", apparently making it stronger. Can only be a good thing.

When I rode with *NAMEDROP*Derek Strickland*NAMEDROP* last, his bike looked exactly like it does now, according to his bikecheck on BrightonAintReadydotcom. EDIT: Just realised it's totally different, haha

Plans for the FISE comp have been released - interesting street course design, ever more interesting MTB/slopestyle design. The stuff that the RF crew did at Ray's in Rock And Roll Tour 2 was ridiculous, and dominated any of that nancy "North Shore" 25"-of-travel-massive-bike toss, so maybe they need to get involved with that too. It's all about the waterdrops, no doubt H&S will require them to have nets underneath and safety wires with harnesses over the top of the course. I guess maybe the totally anal nanny-state gig hasn't reached Europe yet.

"Always complaining", as someone said in the comments before ;)

Laaaastly, Ride are still doing daily RF16 updates, ch-ch-check 'em.

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