Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Post 500!

Half a thou'. Nuts.

Anyway, the news. I was going to include a pun based on the fact I'm talking about Tomorrow We Work and the fact I've been in uni staring at a Flash CS3 timeline for 6 hours, but I'm too frazzled to do that.

Anyway, according to Joe Cox:

"Sorry everyone! the duplicators have messed me about so much the dvds should have been back agaes ago but they fucked up the packaging...they will be back this week wednesday im assured. again really sorry to everyone waiting, its just my luck that this kinda thing happens, same thing happened with voices. im sure you can all apreciate ive tryed my best to get it out but theres nothing i can do but wait. this is bmx though, if something can go wrong it probably will!

thanks again to everyone whos waited i really apreciate it lads!

also, if anyone wants a copy of Nang, ive got some in and you can buy it now on www.tomorrowwework.co.uk for only 8 quid with p and p. amazing vid if you havent seen it get it now!


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