Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bunch o' stuff.

Wellity wellity. Having been relatively quiet on the news front recently, suddenly everything's on the go?

Kink have their 2010 completes up on their site. They've made some sweet completes in the past, seems like that's a trend that's going to continue. Click here to see 'em all.

Adam Grandmaison has a surprisingly good "Legends" things up on Ride UK. Some good video parts from 5 different riders, worth checking out definitely. Click.

Also on Ride, I saw this video of Aaron Ross talking about his new shoe/doing some riding. If you want to hear Aaron say "Shoe" a bunch of times, click play...

In other Aaron Ross news, Up, Up & Away's 'scraps' edit is now online. Not many scraps for a big video? Good teaser either way.

Dennis Enarson's also popped up with a rad web-vid for Demolition, got some cool tricks in there.

For all you media types out there, the Nike Media Apprentice results are going to be up in the next few days.

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