Friday, May 08, 2009


To quote Vampire Weekend (Man, Dan Cox's TWW section was good...), "I stand corrected". According to Sam:

Just for the record, mini diggers are incredibly boring to drive. Their scoop capacity is about 1/2 a wheel barrow, which is reasonable but the excruciatingly low top speed means they are only of use if your earth source is in the immediate vicinity of the required site...

So, fair play to Bob Manchester for not looking super happy.

In unrelated news, a whole host of Seventies riders appeared in London today to film for a web-edit or to generally gather footage/have a fun time in the capital, and plenty of retarckulo tricks went down. Yeah, it's a word. Anyway, big 'fair play' goes out to Derek Strickland for being insanely good on a BMX. Hero.

First time I'd ridden in approx. forever, certainly reminded me in one easy dose why I love riding so much, even if I did get my first puncture in approx. forever^2. Manny to 180 up some stairs = tube-killer.

I don't really have anything else to post from the BMX media today.

So... yeah.

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