Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garrett Byrnes.

I think the thing from this article that properly epitomises it is probably that ridiculous double-set wallride gap. This probably won't work, but hey ho.

Basically, growing up, I only really had Trafaelio and You Get What You Get as inspiration, and that pretty much meant I was all about Steven Hamilton and Garrett Byrnes. Garrett's general outlook on life seemed pretty rad, and that, coupled with his awesome riding style, made him a sort of 'hero' of mine in BMX terms. His riding may be different these days, but it's still awesome as is the man himself.

To put it into perspective, this article's just under 7 years old. Amazing.

Go here, right now. Just go here and read this.

If only there were more interviews like this nowadays. I love old school Dig (And new school too, in fairness - the newest issue (Max G on the cover) has some rad stuff too).

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Anonymous said...

wow, 7 years.....

"you feel like a super hero when you shave your head"....

That quote has stuck with me for a long time!