Friday, May 15, 2009

Horrifying content stealer.

Yep, that's what I am. This is effectively the third bit of content I've stolen from In The Gnar in a row, but if they're going to keep posting rad stuff, well... there we are. I can't really rate that site highly enough, and similarly, I can't really rate Nick's other project, Holeshot highly enough either. Those zines cost you pretty much nothing, but they're all really good. Same goes for Cult too. Just two of the many print zines out there. I'm not really trying to be 'down' on online zines here or anything, but there's something fundamentally awesome about holding something in your hands that you know someone the other side of the world has physically laboured over to give you that opportunity to have a view into their world. It's eye opening stuff, and again, cheap. I got a copy of Cult #2 and also got a rad T-shirt (And a bunch of cool stickers too (and a badge))) for the price of a new tyre. I'd rather run my current tyre a bit longer and have some awesome literature and clothing and paraphernalia, if I'm fully honest. But hey, that's me.

Anyway, content - sweet trails action. I mean, I don't ride trails (Largely 'cos I don't know the location of any, and seem to just have issues when I ride 'em), but this video made me really, really want to. May have also been a peripheral effect of seeing blue skies and sunny weather whereas currently it's pitch black and raining a whole load outside, but who knows. Anyway, Mike Saavedra - tip of the hat.

EDIT! By the way, I noticed just now that a bunch of the Vimeo embedded videos have been weirdly sized. Hopefully got that covered for the most part now, so you won't have to watch any more webvideos on a piece of pixel real estate about the size of a stamp...

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