Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brand new Streetphire with additional brand new content.

Dudes. Streetphire is an awesome site, and you should probably all check it out after you check here every day. Just maintain that order, right? Anyway, yeah, head over to, and if you don't see a pic of Lloyd doing a rad smith on his shiny new bike then press F5 'til you do. Alternatively, clear your cache, update your bookmarks ( or RSS feeds.

But yeah, there's a cool little Will Evans remix section there that I'm not going to embed here 'cos it'd be on the 'rude' side of 'harsh', not to mention I'm actually sitting next to H-Man as I'm typing this and he'd probably do terrible things to both me and my bike, perhaps simultaneously. So yeah, click here for that article.

There's plenty of stuff to check out on there, from the new 25fps and 50mm sections to the one-of-a-kind Vimeo video stream player on the right of the page. I don't know coding and stuff, but H-Man seems pretty keen on it and makes frequent mention of it so I'm guessing it's pretty 1337. Check it.

"You heard it here second" and all that kinda self-congratulating blog poster jazz.

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