Thursday, May 14, 2009

I always laugh at James Woods' face in that image.

Well, tonight the usually awesome InTheGnar was awesome in that it reminded me of the Newrick video, but also kinda sour 'cos it had a pretty awful fixie freestyle jam video. I mean, they were talking about it in a negative way, but it still made me think about fixie freestyle which I consider a negative thing to have happen to you. Seriously - Southampton dudes - you ought to be super glad that this hasn't really kicked in with you guys. Getting snaked really, really slowly by people who are physically incapable of performing tricks is pretty infuriating. Seeing someone really slowly roll around the bottom of an awesome concrete bowl setup is pretty bad too... Anyway, yeah, enjoy.

sac rumble in the jungle trick comp from Miles J. on Vimeo.

But yeah, the Newrick video. It was never gonna be 'normal', but it's still awesome. For S&M.

James Newrick :: S&M from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

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Adam said...

that fixie freestyle jam is so lame. like actually proper wack.
oh dear.
oh dear.