Thursday, July 31, 2008


Not just a girls magazine.

This is their bar:

"I wanted to do a different bar… so I designed the HABILIS with a thinner and a bit lower cross tube (132MM) with more marked curves, it reminds me of my first bmx bar when I was 14 years old. Although those were not good and these are. The HABILIS is 700mm / 27″ inch width, but you can cut up to 3cm more than 1″ inch on each side before the lever gets to the bar curve if you don’t like so width"
Not really sure why they'd think that lowering the cross-bar just to get a look would be a good idea, but hey, there we are. According to the thread on Bikeguide, "ask to David inês!". Hmm.

Their forks:

"As the name says this fork has the minimum of material without losing strength

Machined tube were the fork arms are welded

Arm tubes reduce diameter as they reach dropout

Smaller dropouts with a large laser cutted triangle, even smaller it allow the use of pegs the same way

Steer tube has three diferent thicknesses, thinner on the top thicker on the bottom

CR-MO 4130 heat treated"

Probably trying to win "Nicest top-cap" award, even though the fact that that allen key broach is offset means my mindset is swapped to 'kill' after the trauma of dealing with Odyssey's infernal topcap on their Classic forks.

They've also got a frame coming out, but with no pics, just generic dimensions (74.5HA, 71SA, 20.5; 20.75; 21; 21.2TT, 13.75CS), there's not really much point going into too much detail. They have an estimate weight of "4.92lbs" which, for a frame drawing on a piece of paper, is pretty heavy...

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