Monday, August 04, 2008

Quick update.

In the midst of a rain-soaked, largely driving-based 'riding' roadtrip. So far the only thing that's been consistent every day are that Lloyd and Taliban have swum in the sea or a river every day of the trip. Oh, and I've also driven at least 100 miles every day. We've ridden once or twice. *sigh*

Anyway, yeah, quick news updates:

New WTP completes, these are going to be everywhere.

Horse Faced Killah won the X-Games Street comp, Van Homan got second and Sean Sexton got third. Ride had a sweet vid up of it. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! They also have a SRS BIZNIZ edit of Nathan Williams and Shane Weston.

Orchid have a preview up of the new Vandever shoe. Not bad, not bad.

So yeah, time to go buy some food and spray my bike...

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