Monday, July 21, 2008

Anthony Kiedis makes a good point.

Since I moved to London back in September 2006, I haven't owned a TV. As a result, I haven't had to be home at a certain time to watch a certain show, nor have I wasted away for hours just watching Eastenders Omnibuseseseses (What's the plural of omnibus?). As a side point, the only legitimate TV shows you can watch are Top Gear, which you can check out on the surprisingly good BBC iPlayer, Family Guy and Attention Scum which the BBC appear destined to never show again. But anyway, yeah, I just chilled out whilst eating some awesome home-made risotto - one of the few plus points of being home - and seriously, everything on the TV was turd, until I slipped the 50:50 That's It DVD in. If you haven't bought it yet, do so - Mike Aitken's ending section is amazing, exactly 423% better than his Electronical part; Cam Wood does some mental gaps; Dave Thompson rules anyway; Tate Roskelley had a part so good Fit hooked him up; Beringer is Beringer - the list goes on. It's well worth getting though either way, and I'm supremely glad I found my copy. Somehow, it was hidden under the furthest back part of my bed. Moving has it's plus points.

Anyway, yeah, turn off the TV, turn off your computer and go and ride. The weather's decent, we're way past the longest day of the year now, so we're getting closer to the long dark nights and short rainy days. Make the most of it now.

Oh, industry point I wanted to make last post but forgot - I know what you're thinking - why did Alex Dropsy appear to put on a box-fresh set of shoes before riding? Well, answer is is that Vans, one of Alex's sponsors, won't accept videos or photographs of their proper team riding in anything other than box-fresh shoes. Pretty nuts, but there we are. Perhaps they need to take a leaf out of Fallen's advertising book.

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