Sunday, July 20, 2008

Traffic jam.

So yeah. I've been writing this blog for quite a while now (Like a year?), and it's a strange business. I look around the place and try and find stuff I think's cool (Or Tim recommends stuff, cheers dude) then put it up here to inform the reader/you. However, in doing this, I have literally no idea who actually reads this. Apart from ocassional e-mails from Sam saying thanks for any trails vids (;-) See you around dude, and good luck in Devon), Tim telling me I put a cool vid up, or Gaz from Mutiny correcting me for putting up wrong info (again...), I don't really know who watches this. Anyway, the long story is: I don't really know much about blogging, but I do know that if you want to increase the traffic on your site, you should probably put the Complete Works of Steven Hamilton Esq. up. The Day Is Over... Damn.

As a side thing - if you've got any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see more/less of on here, use the comments and I'll do my best, eh.


Anonymous said...

More Tweaking stuff!
And more of slosh

makréla said...

My favourite posts are when you talk about parts, what do you think about them and such. Also posts about vids you liked are nice, writings about roadtrips and posts about bmx gossips, trends, as i don't read any bmx forums.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more of what you lot have been up to(shop/yourself)?

It may just be my browser but make the links open a new page, personally I like to go through and click the links, carry on reading and look at them all at the end.

Spice up the layout maybe?

It's not a bad blog, I enjoy it as you don't come across like a total cunt that hates everything like many other blogs.

Yours truly,
Harold Shipman.

Anonymous said...

i just recently started coming here when NER posted a link to this site on sprfls and i instantly put it in my favorites and check it every day now. keep up the good work.

Mark Westlake said...

Cool, cheers for all the feedback!

Mr. Shipman, kudos for bumping off all the old dears, and I'll try and get my html skills up a bit and get 'em to open in new windows...

Tony Piff said...

I, too, started coming here after Pijin was mentioned on SPRFLS. Since you asked for our input on the blog: more opinions, more thoughts. Of course, opinions and thoughts are all I've got, so it makes sense that I look for that in other people... I really just like it when I find something that doesn't make me feel embarassed about bmx--keep it up! (And thanks a mill for bumping my blog!)

Mark Westlake said...

No probs - thanks for putting up the vids!

I want to do more opiniony stuff, but at the same time, if I don't have anything positive to say I try not to say it at all, just because it seems like there are enough sour BMX people online as it is. So yeah, as a result, I try and only talk about stuff I like, and that stuff I have an idea about. Nothing annoys me more than people who don't know what they're talking about whining about stuff, so I try and lead by example :)