Friday, July 25, 2008

Videorama 'n' stuff

Will Jackson is the latest Videorama candidate from WTP. Sound dude.

Mutiny have a cool feature up by Hanson Little, with a bunch of photos from their NW Trip. In related news, watched Stoked On Being Pumped again today for the first time pretty much since it came out, and it's officially good.

Deluxe have jumped on the "Online interview blog" bandwagon type affair, and launched a new Photographer Q&A type deal, this time featuring Mr. Kyle Carlson. Click here to read the thoughts of one of the few people to spend a night on the floor in my tiny room in Halls. Random. Also, kudos to Deluxe for being the only online site I've seen to make the "hay bale jump" joke after seeing the pics of the Empire course.

You can, speaking of EoD, check out live coverage via Freecaster Here.

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