Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rad webvids = good times.

So yeah, even when drunk the Mutiny team can nose manual and twist better than me. Downer. Not for you xEDGEx kids...

If you scoot yourselves over here, not only can you check out Odyssey's new site, but you can also see a ridiiiiiiiiculous new Aaron Ross edit. It's too good, go watch it now. Comping out Brad Simms on the last rail: Gaunlet's thrown down.

Rob Harrison from WTP is one of the nicest dudes I've ever met, and he has a cool interview up on BMXUnion where he also has some photos of his riding up, which is pretty sweet. The People's Store is so nice, and all the new WTP/Eclat stuff looked sweet when I was over there, so it's cool to know he can help run one of the best companies in BMX, but also blast around the place.

Lastly: damn son.

I'm now living in Wales for the next two months. Hmmph.

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