Friday, July 25, 2008


At least according to the main Blogger page anyway. Evil!

Saw these in Cologne, so it's cool to see the finished product - Max "1,000ft tall" Gaertig now has a frightening big (8.7") bar out from WTP, and here it is, the Mad Max bar:

Click Here for more info. IT's also Max's turn for Videorama glory next (Check out Will Jackson's further down the page), can't wait for that - the guy's dialled. (Side note: I don't usually like to get involved with stuff like this, but here goes - before people start having a go at WTP for doing an 8.7" rise bar, at least they're doing it for a rider who might feasibly need it, unlike certain other companies making 8.5" rise bars for their seemingly exclusively sub 6ft tall team?)

Federal have put up a trailer for their Ride to Glory vid on their site, and here it is in all it's embedded glory:

Actually, it's not, 'cos I'm in a school and they've blocked Vimeo, so yeah, click here to see it.

James showed me the possible WTP edit for RTG - Bangers. That's all I'm saying.

Fit have a video up on their site of the making of the latest Chase Hawk/Vans ad, again I can't embed it so click here. Can watch it, but can't embed it. Hmm. Either way, burly.

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