Monday, July 21, 2008

Brakeless trails: MOAR.

Being someone who's brakes have fallen off (Honestly, officer), when people decide to tell me my choice of going brakeless was wrong because it means I can't possibly ride trails, this dude was always the first response I'd give. Alex Dropsy was way ahead of Chaiz Ork and Mike Bacon with riding manly trails without womanly brakes, so it's a treat to see more stuff from him.

On his old team page there was a beasting video of him riding Peynier brakeless with a guy training through with him with a helmet cam on - Dropsy flipping the last, massive set so slowly when you're in the air right behind him was probably one of the best things I've seen commited to film (Well, you get the idea) ever.

So yeah, without much further ado, a sweet new Alex Dropsy vid.

In unrelated news, everyone's stopped riding here. May have mentioned this yesterday, but yeah, it sucks massively. Not into it. Fortunately, there'll be a 5 man Wales Roadtrip on the go soon, and assuming I can still wield my camera after a week or two of pure boredom, the results shooooould be going in Ride. Speaking of - the new layouts are pretty sweet, if a little busy, and it's definitely a refreshing change. If you're one of those dudes who just wait to inherit magazines from people who get bored of them, it's probably worth buying a copy yourself...

EDIT: Just for Harold Shipman's notice (See the 'Traffic Jam' comments), I've added in the code to make this stuff open in a new window, but apparently some versions of Internet Explorer mean it doesn't work. If you've got a mouse with a middle button, you can click links with that to get them to open in a new window, or you can always do Ctrl + click. Sorry for the hassle...

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