Friday, July 11, 2008

The News at 2.

Top stories...

Edwin Delarosa has a broken leg.

Dan Lacey and Derek Strickland's Federal Remixed split-section is out now:

K-124 aka Try-All aka Koxx aka Money-grabbers aka Trials company aka Some Clueless French Dudes aka Dominique Hermance have hit the nail firmly, 100% on the head by producing just what BMX needs:

Kevin 'Wobbly' Garwood has a bikecheck + interview on Profile's site that I did the photos for.

Also up on the Profile site, a sweeeeeeet Mike Saavedra video.

Crazy Spaniard sighting in Austin, TX.

Luke Towey is a firm fan of pegs: have a

In business news, Sidewall Distribution are now the US distro for Superstar. No, I don't know why I included that either?

Also in business news, Russ has left Beloe as a result of their skate team getting paid more than their BMX team, but having a fraction of the sales of skate shoes compared to BMX shoes, and the skate division therefore being dropped. In related news, a certain UK distro is in talks to begin bringing Beloe products into the UK, and having seen some of the models in The People's Store, they really, really need to get on that. They're too gooooood.

...and finally, Big Daddy features in this Staff Roadtrip. Get involved...

(P.S. Trowbridge jam, this Sunday, 12pm...)

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