Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WTP Feline tyres?

Maybe that's what they should've been called. Get home from the skatepark (Sweet 70mile drive, gotta love being local), and find my cat pretty much molesting my WTP Feelin' tyres:

8 out of 10 cats prefer a kevlar bead.

In non-Mark related news, Fly have gone and done it again...

Click that link up there to find out why getting a new frame's gonna be hassle in the near future (Again... remember Mid/US/Spanish/Euro battles?).

It's Orchid's 5th anniversary soon, and to celebrate, they're re-making some of their classic shoes (Disappointing, there's no Synthetic or white/green Duval shoes in there. *tsk tsk*). You get to choose which, out of these:

They're re-making 5 of these shoes, so head over to OrchidFootwear.com and tell 'em which ones you like.

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