Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orchids/vids

Yet again, Orchid have released pics of a new shoe, the Midpoint. Looks pretty sweet to me - that classic skate-shoe mid-top look, but with a decent sole for BMX? Ching ching.

According to their site:

•Mid-top suede construction
•$60.00 suggested retail in USA
•Un-hate-able™ black/gum sole

Un-hate-able indeed - they seem to have their soles pretty dialled, in fairness.

Talking of dialled, things that Nike don't really seem to have dialled are their big, showy video releases. The stream of disappointed skaters leaving the London Nike SB video premiere were good comedy. But yeah, they've now put up the promo for their new BMX/6.0 (Whatever it's going to be called...) vid, and here it is:

(Unrelated, but the treasure hunt for the embed code for that vid was no fun.)

Hopefully this video's filming and editing will actually do justice to the awesomeness of Garrett Reynolds...

One good thing that Nike have done though (Apart from the awesome drinks, food and times in the Meet The Peoples jam in Cologne) is sponsor Liverpool's Harry Main. Sound dude, and ridiculously good. Definitely one of the highlights of an otherwise ridiculously boring/soul-destroying whip-whip-whip spine mini ramp comp in the Masters. But yeah, he's got a new web-vid up, some hefty maneuvers.

More BMX Videos >>

Lastly, spotted this over on Dig, the video that accompanies the BSD Roadtrip story in the new (That's #66) issue of Dig. Cover's below the vid, click here for the details of what's in 66. To quote Taliban, "I really didn't think they'd use that top fives." Awesome.

BSD summer roadtrip 08 from BSD on Vimeo.

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