Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hitting the key areas.

The whole Dashboard setup's changed, me no likey!

AAAAAnyway, Warren Jam today - virtually everyone I know from vaguely well to pretty-damn-well in Southampton was there, which was rad, even if Joel Nicholls was working hard/hardly working in Toys'R'Us. As you do?

Dan and I left before the finals, but watched all the qualifiers. Pretty nuts seeing how good some dudes have got now - I can still remember when a lot of the dudes whipping (pronounce the H in it, daresya) abouts the place were still styling nibbly airs and doing little footjams, now they're doing serious moves. Good times! Either way, no real results info, and no real Pikeys Vs. BMXers info either, although the noticeably older pikey kids seemed to leave when we did...

But yeah, in the non-Southampton BMX world:

Sweet new Aversion video. Note for the anonymous commenter who wants more park: This video is purely park and trails, although you do see Vince Mayne lying on a harsh concrete ledge (that looks like Chris Souter would probably grind on it) for a few seconds, so if that offends your delicate park/trails riding sensibilities then you might want to fast-forward past the middle of the vid.

Sweet new Mutiny video. Note for the anonymous commenter who wants more park: There's approx. 48 secs of street in this vid, about 34% of the vid. Part of that 48secs is something on street that's got a quickcrete trannie with coping on it, so I guess it's your call if that's real 'street' or pretty much 'park'? If it's 'park' for you, then I guess knock about 5-6 secs off the previous street estimate time.

BMXfeed now has a purple exclaimation mark after it's name?

That's pretty much it for now. 3 1/2hr drive home from Soton just finished, checking my mail, then heading to bed. Hopefully you all made the most of the reasonably dry weekend, looks like this week's gonna be turds!

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