Saturday, August 09, 2008


Nope, I don't know why it did that post below either. C'est la vie!

My trip is now over, I've just driven 400 miles in 7 hours (Including Red Bull and coffee stops, and the accompanying "I really need a toilet" stops), and regular updates should be starting again soon. AAAAAAAAAnyway, on with the show:

Seeing as there are quite a few park dudes who read this:

Channel 4Down BMX :: Drew Bezanson Rampworx Session from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Pretty. Frickin'. Sweet.

In video-related and "frickin' sweet" related news, my brother Dan informs me the 2x4 video is really good. May have to invest in a copy there!

In... well... un-related news, Chase Hawk has a bikecheck up on Odyssey, in the sense that there are pictures of his bike there:

For any of you people out there who are wielding cameras, if you're looking for inspiration, pretty-damn-awesome Austin, TX photographer Devon Hutchins has a bunch of new photos on his new site.

Laaaaastly, if you're bored, the SPRFLS Friday Quiz is up - I'd just like to draw attention to how ridiculously awesome that WTP complete is.

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