Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calling it early...

Alright - I'm going to go ahead and be potentially the first person to call this out as being a joke, but yeah, 2-Hip's new Groovetech Steering System is a joke. Surely. It's got to be? Ride have a write-up.

But yeah - a couple of points:

1. If you fall off and land on your bars, is it more preferable to have the bars shift slightly and not injure you, rather than thinking "Sweet, once I heal, I won't have to use a 6mm allen key to adjust my bar position!"

2. If you fall and your bike lands heavily on your bars or your front wheel, is it more preferable to have a bit of 'give' in the setup so your stem will allow them to move slightly (Not damaging them), rather than thinking "Sweet, although my bars and/or front wheel are now screwed, at least I wouldn't have to adjust my stem/bar position!"

3. Bearing in mind the vast differences in tolerances between BMX companies (Some forks, despite theoretically having the same diameter steerer as all the other forks, just can't accept Elementary stems), how long before the grooves on the fork steerer tube are machined slightly off, or similarly the grooves in the stem are machined slightly off, leading to a permanently skewed front wheel?

4. Stress risers in a fork's steerer tube? No thanks!

5. There are so many other points to be raised.

But yeah, I genuinely can't see this being a serious thing. If it is, then yeah, read the above points, but I'm fully expecting an S&M-style "Just for lulz, guise" post on the Ride site in the next few days.

As a side point, if you're sitting there thinking to yourself "Man, that looks like an awesome idea. My forks/bars slip in my stem all the time!" - buy a good stem.

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