Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sunday's New Wave 2 frames are now being sent off to distros. The frames appear to be pretty sweet, so when IMG eventually get them expect them to sell out pretty fast. Get pre-ordering noooooow.

Rinsed straight from the hallowed pages of Defgrip, Walter Pieringer has updated his/created his portfolio site. Go scope it aaaaahhht.

In a moment of clarity that rivals The Enlightenment, Mpora now actually works on my computer, meaning I got to watch this pretty sweet Vans Beer-Box Jam without it looking like a stop-frame animation.

More BMX Videos >>

In a "Behind the scenes" bit of news, you might also be interested to note that the embed code still doesn't work without some major tweaking. At 4:34am, this qualifies as "Way not cool".

Animal have some new shirts that you won't be able to buy unless you buy from America.

In other fascinating news, Infinity Bikes now distribute Fly in China. One for the Specialist Subject round of Mastermind, I guess.

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