Friday, May 16, 2008

524 - Deluxe Bike Co.

Ooooh, new. If you're a trails rider, then feel free to check out Deluxe and get on the looking-down-on-street-riders bandwagon.

They've got frames, bars and sprockets at the mo, time will tell what else they're planning on releasing.


Anonymous said...

trails riders general have no time for street riders cause they are building shit, so don't take it as looking down it's just they can't be bothered stopping and sessioning a flat bank when there's work to be done building lines.....

Unknown said...

frame looks nice and neat.

i like the rounded caps where the end of the chain/seat stay joins the dropout.


Anonymous said...

frame look imense and i am defently getting one
the only bad part about the frame is that the brake mounts are down the bottom so the chain might hit the brake which makes a anoying sound but apart from that thhe frame is mint