Thursday, May 22, 2008

I really hate foxes.

Finally made it back to London to commence the 24-hour workathon leading up to the final hand-in and exam for uni, to be greeted by screaming foxes outside my flat. Shut up!

AAAAAAAAAnyway. Sounds like the Chandlers Ford bowl has drawn first blood - a few skaters have lost some skin in there already, Dan managed to give himself a concussion and Rob Castle got a flat. Play safe, dudes! It's a sweet bowl though so if you've not been yet, get on it and head down there.

Brighton Ain't Ready, apparently, but the Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal on the new Karl Poynter bikecheck looks like they pretty much are?

20Twenty held a jam oop north recently, we posted up the 4Down trip vid, but here's a vid of the comp itself. Niki drinks-loads-of-milk Croft is a destroyer.

2020 jam from Phil Clifton on Vimeo.

While we're talking Vimeo videos, Lotek have a Justin Inman trails vid up on their site. Sam, when you've finished your work, check it out.

Speaking of, these 2,000 words aren't gonna write themselves. Let work commence!

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