Wednesday, May 07, 2008

505 - A&E/Nathan Williams/S3.5

So yeah. A&E. Busiest hospital in London. Saturday night. In at 10:30pm, out at 3am. No break though, apparently, just beat the hell out of my hand. It's all about the all-over-palm-and-down-wrist bruising in 2008! Not being able to move your thumb fully isn't. Tim having to zip up my hoody for me in the middle of Waterloo station wasn't a highlight. I can ride again now though, and I celebrated by blowing up my freecoaster again.

*Shakes fist in anger*

/\ This video of Nathan Williams and "That dude who whipped up that stairset" is pretty rad. Nathan Williams does something I've only ever seen Liam Fahy-Hampton do before, but he does it with a chain, so it's effectively a +1? Either way, nutso!

Fit have a cool webvid up that features Mike Aitken talking about his new S3.5 frame, plus some riding footage. Whip!

Lastly, there are a fair few FISE webvids around. There's one full of adverts and annoying music over on Fat, and 3 that aren't over on RideUK...

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