Saturday, May 17, 2008

526 - Dig - Farren Downes clip

From Dig:

Our new TIMECODE feature takes a closer look into a single clip amongst the steady stream of BMX footage that flashes past us every day. Timecode 001 focuses on We The People's Farren Downes and a barspin rail hop filmed in Southampton UK...
Name?Farren Downes
Where is the spot? In Southampton,not too sure where
Did you one time it? Technically i didn't one time it, wanted to sling them the first time but just did a twitch instead
Psyched? Or just an everyday thing?A bit happy i guess, I'm pretty rubbish sometimes at throwing bars over stuff, I don't know why, I think i freak out a bit. I suppose it's not an every day thing for me - I prefer to just kick back in my pants most days....
Film anything else that day?Not really - Couple of whoppers to the frame, if i remember correctly?
Fisheye or long lens?Long lens, can't see sh*t with the fisheye
Photos or filming?Photos are cool cause they make you look better than you are, camcorders tend not to lie so much.

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