Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Fly have a new front hub out, click the link for more.

Brighton Ain't Ready have a picture update.

Micreation have a huge new news+photos update, as well as updated T's & C's for their account holders - you now lease videos for 6 months, as well as getting downloadable links. Bit of a bargain for $2 - get the Brad Simms vid now!

Lotek and Defgrip have some ltd edition colourways available soon, go here to see one of them.

IMG have some of the new Limited Edition colourway Odyssey Twisted PC pedals coming in really soon, keep checking back for news on when they drop.

Colony have a new update on their Hell Stallion frame:

Full Post Heat Treated Colonized CrMo
TT sizes - 20.85 or 21.25″
HT - 75.5 degrees
ST - 71 degrees
CS - 13.75″
ST height - 7″
Weight - 4.8lbs

Click here for a lot more photos, and details of the Hell Stallion forks.

Lastly, Jared Chilko dropped a "full length video part" (Whatever that means...), and here it is.

Full length Video Part from Jared on Vimeo.

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