Thursday, September 13, 2007

seems as if i've pissed one or two people off? fuck it. just my opinion.
2-3 times a week from oct till maybe mid to late april we'd hit soton street, shirley, the uni etc etc and never once saw a sole apart from some dude riding flatland near the statue at the top of town.
now call me crazy, but i dont think that under those above mentioned circumstances that it was wrong of me to say the scene isnt the greatest. what you guys got? secret spots no one but you're selves no about?! come on.
pretty sure ive ridden in southampton for a strong 7/8 years. since back in the mayflower park days which im pretty sure very few of the people who read this no about, if any.
probs not correct to say "where ya been" or whatev....

hell this is bent, i aint out to cause shit. maybe soton's street scene is OK, im 100% sure the trails scene is dead (but i guess trails are dead in general) the park scene aint to hot, unless you like you're front wheel sliding out each time you go up a tranny........ hell, maybe the dissrm blog was talking about the flatland scene when it mentioned how "strong as fuck" southampton was. im guessing it must of since the only dude i saw riding all winter was the flatland dude.

apology's to anyone i offended........

on a lighter note
here's a pic i shot of wisconsins jeff klugeiwicz sliding a curved rail in pittsburgh Pa.



Anonymous said...

i agree that many a time in winter id not ride often and only saw a couple flatland dudes ridin a lot of the time, so from this standpoint u r very much correct my brutha, plus southamptons parky rats are lazy cunts (especially carlos)
< evil laugh > hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last time I rode Southampton, there were 6 of us out. Time before that, around 5 or 6. Time before that, around the same. And again the same before that. The thing was was that most of the time it consisted of different people, so it's not like it's even just the same people out. There are a shitload of riders around, and the level of talent is getting up there too. Maybe you just haven't noticed it as much 'cos you've a) been in America for a while, and b) aren't all that in touch with the scene? Not having a go or anything, but when most people are out and are ringing round people to come out, it's not usually your name that comes up? I doubt that's any direct relation to you as a person or whatever, just maybe get out and ride with everyone a bit more or something and you'll see how good it gets. Street vs. Tweak showed just how many people there are in Soton and around who ride, it's a pity you missed it.

Mark Westlake said...

Every day for the last two weeks I've ridden street in Southampton. I always had at least 2-3 people riding with me, and we rode different spots every day and had a good time. As a scene, that's good enough for me, and I don't even live in Southampton?