Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MKA vs. BU?

This Mary-Kate and Ashley duo can hold a dog, however, they probably couldn't hold up to a 9-set 360 to flat.

This Mary-Kate and Ashley duo probably can.

Yes, Demolition's new versions of the Anorexia and Bullimia ("You can read minds?" Person who can correctly identify the film that quote comes from wins...) hubs are looking better every day, unlike their namesakes who appear to now be twin coke-head tweakers.

Knock knock, lawyers!

Bicycle Union have also decided to get into the cassette hub market with this cashing-in-on-the-popular-colour fluoro-yellow hub (it also comes in white and black...):

The Union blogs/news articles appear to be moving in line with the EU directives on salt content and seem to be generally positive these days, so keep your eyes peeled on their pages...


Anonymous said...


thats were the quotes from!

Anonymous said...

"i hate models because they're pretentious and vain."
"yeah, but why do you hate male models?"
that bulimia quote is from Zoolander.
where's my prize?
name Ignacio Gonzalez aka Gonz.
an Ody Evo 2, or diatech ad999 straight brake for half price will do the trick, cheers...