Friday, September 07, 2007

Premium and Mirraco: New pedals!

Grips are probably the thing on my bike I'm most anal about. Too thick makes my bike feel sluggish, too squishy (Yes, I mean Longnecks and Edwins...) makes it just feel weird, but 3-week-old Federal Thins are pretty much perfect. Second to grips in the "Stuff Mark cares too much about" stakes though are pedals. Fortunately, Mirraco and Premium appear to be stepping up to the plate as far as they're concerned.

Premium's new pedals are ultra thin - so thin we're talking 17mm at the thickest, and 14mm at the thinnest. As they're so thin, no bulky sealed bearings here - oh no - just a dinky sealed bearing, then a DU bushing to help keep things smooth. The idea's worked almost flawlessly for Atomlab for quite a while, so they should be fine too (Hopefully!). Can't see 'em being cheap, but good sealed pedals will generally last for way longer than those "PC" pedals everyone's rocking these days, and will generally feel 110% nicer and be 4.2x quieter too. Fact.

MirraCo have their Mike Spinner inspired, Ti axle M3 Gas pedals on show too. Yes, Profile have "Gas" pedals too, but there we go. Let the courts decide...

Gash UK Edition Sunday Frames, forks and bars anyone?

Best news ever though - Sunday have finally realised that 20.75" TT frames are awesome and have decided to Get involved and so I have a frame I can buy when my Burlish dies...

Last, but by no means least, the newest company to jump on the Slam Bar Bandwagon (*>8" height, *>28" width, 12deg back, 1deg up, the usual...) is, funnily enough, S&M themselves, with the Grand Slam bars:

29" wide, 8.25" tall. Huge!

Lastly, whilst we're talking bandwagons, following Simple's take-oever of Eject after the world realised just how good the Option hub was, a couple of companies have started to, as Eject's owner said "rip off" the design. Newest ones are those dudes from Germany, WTP. Their word's not mine. Unlike a lot of people, I'm not really upset about the prospect of having a wider range of good product to buy?

Flangeless, helicoiled female axle - boxes: ticked!

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