Friday, September 14, 2007

Joel's new S3

It's been a hard summer for Joel. While most students probably spend their summer holidays relaxing, Joel has been hard at work in a tyre factory up in Trowbridge. Not just normal work either. While most people are tucked up in bed, Joel has been working through the night and into the early hours of the morning... only going to bed at times when normal people are getting up for breakfast. All in aid of getting his dream bike. Now thats dedication.

I was greeted with a more than cheerful Joel in Pijin clutching his shiny new steed today. Was the sacrifice worth it? I've not asked him this directly but judging by the grin on his face, I'm sure the answer would be a most definite yes!

So just what did Mr Joel spend his hard earned pennies on? All parts are hung off a Fit S3 frame which has undergone some serious hacksaw surgery... mainly to remove all signs of brake mounts and brake stops. Lumberjacks have had some inches taken off and the rear hub axle has not been spared either.

Note the interesting choice of cranks. One Profile arm in black and the other in raw. Hmm... I wonder what happened there? I heard an interesting story involving a bunny hop...

FrameFit Aitken Series 3 - 20.75"
ForkFit Blade
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsOdyssey Lumberjack
GripsAnimal Edwin
SeatAnimal Cush Pivotal
Seat PostUnited Trinity Pivotal Stump
Seat ClampAnimal
Front WheelGSport Marmoset Hub 36H, Odyssey 7-KA rim
Back WheelMacNeil LHD Cassette, Odyssey 7K-A Rim
TyresFront - Animal GLH, Rear - Animal ASM
CranksProfile Race LHD with titanium axle
SprocketFit DLS
PedalsAnimal Hamilton
ModsCut down axle on cassette hub. Cut down bars. Cut off brake lugs and brake stops on frame! One Profile crank arm in black and the other in raw finish. Cut flanges off grips.
WeightLight! Light! Light!


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looks amazing, totaly street

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did he by two sets of cranks then