Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cell doors get slammed shut for the last time...

It's a sad day for British BMX. Padded Cell has announced that is will shut down its business after losing the distribution rights of Odyssey parts.

At Pijin, we have to deal with a lot of distribution companies and Padded Cell was definitely one of our favourites. Me, Carlos and Dave are all a bit sad. Carlos is probably the worst affected as he will no longer be getting his supply of sponsorship parts, which in the past has included the odd pedal, grip and even some loo roll. Yes, Padded Cell were the first (and only) company to send us loo roll along with our BMX parts...

Although Padded Cell are closing, James Hitchcox will be starting his own distribution company taking on the Padded Cell's other brands. We will bring you more details soon...

We wish the guys at Padded Cell the best of luck in the future!

Here is part of the official statement we received :

"Dear Customer

It is with the greatest of regret that I must announce the closure of Padded Cell Supplies Ltd.

This is due to the decision of Odyssey to stop supplying us with Odyssey, G Sport and Sunday products.

This loss of turnover makes it impossible for Padded Cell to continue, current Odyssey stock will be returned, other stock sold and the company wound up...

James Hitchcox, the Padded Cell sale rep plans to open his own distribution company to distribute the other brands that Padded Cell currently carry, I wish him every success in this endeavour.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their support and custom. I also would like to acknowledge the huge contribution of all the Padded Cell staff, James Hitchcox, Aaron Bellerby and Neil Brand, our sponsored riders and all the other riders near and far for their support and encouragement.

It has been a great 4 years running Padded Cell, I guess all dreams have to end sometime.

With Best Regards to all our friends.
Mark Malone, James Hitchcox, Aaron Bellerby, Neil Brand"

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