Monday, September 10, 2007

erhh i cant update properly, my laptop died so im on some wierd computer that has no pics on or owt!
if anyone knows of any good laptop repairers then let me know. basically it wont charge or run of the mains no more, the charger is fine, so im guessin its a loose connection in the socket where the ac adapter plugs into?! anyone?????
im just gonna give ya some news...... there you go, thats all you need to go on if you want bmx news. adam22 will tell you everything i was about to......
pijin has a thingy in the new dig that i did, dunno if its bought business in or not?!?!?!?!
i guess its new frame season, carlos, castle and barclay all seem to have one. anyone else?
im holding out for a verde, just wait till you see the new frames. site aint proper yet but in a month or so it shud be. basically its a new company by steve buddendeck and cory muth, gonna be kick ass! how can it not be kick ass with a team consisting of ryan barrett, brian yeagle (who has the raddest pic ever in new dig), plus kris bennett who quit long time sponser volume bikes to join the team!!!

loads of megatour europe stuff going on at the mo, check, and for the best updates. ash chalres pics on the union page are good as fuck!

thecomeupbmx forum is a good place to hang out and to post shit...........

southamptons bmx scene is weak.

joel nichols will be in the november issue of ride..... i might need a portrait shot though.... joel!

ermmm, eggs and beans is rad

there is a jam at bar end on the 30th. not really a jam, more if a bbq. same deal as the past 3 years, probs not as many people there, less prises, if any, and just general chillness. go to it if u wanna hang and watch rad dude get sick on big dubs. todd lyons and fids will be there.........?

i dunnnnnno.

autumn is awesome for trails.
better update soon, with pics and what not.


Anonymous said...

Hey im from romsey and i know a weak bmx scene when i see one .In southampton there are so many good riders and spots and was that netley guy at street vs tweak or the shirly warren jam i mean WTF!

Anonymous said...

please post it