Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brought to you with the word "That"

Mosh have boshed up their back-catalogue on online vids, so head over to the Videos section to check out that SF vid, that Ian Schwartz + Co August vid, that Eddie Cleveland and Wolfman September vid, and now that Lotek Ramp session video. Seriously, it's too good. Some amazing stuff in there, which I want to see replicated at Chandlers Ford and Hoglands A.S.A.P. Specifically, people popping that high in off icepicks, people stalling that long without a footjam in a nosepick, and people doing manuals to 180 that nicely.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Oh - 'cos of that laptop situation I've got (everything's gone. That bad. No pics from SvT, major downer. I'm upset the world won't see that photo of Paul...), I may not have a connection to the net on the 1st October for when the Chase Dehart October Mosh vid drops.

I'll say it again:

1st October,

Chase Dehart has been doing all kinds of ridiculousness recently, expect big things. Set your mobiles, calendars, sundials - whatever you use to tell the time to remind you to go online on the 1st.

'nuff said.

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netley said...

holy piss, dehart fuf to ice with no brakes is wild