Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fly Tierra frame info.

The Tierra frames from Fly has had quite a lot of speculation thrown around the BMX world about it since the first snapshots of the ultra-low slung frame popped up a year or so ago. Now, the time has finally come for it to be released, so for your viewing pleasure, here is a massive splurge of info from the Fly website, which has been put up over the past few months:

One of the reason why this frame has took so long to finish was because of some features to make it lighter but keeping the same strength. And even increasing it on some points.
More than ever, we put the material where you need it, distributing the weight on some new ways.

As we told you, the weight is 2.115 kg ( 4.65lb.) witch is really good. But we are proud to have reach this weight not using thin tubing on the down tube and chainstays. We believe that you need thicker tubes there to avoid dents. So reducing the weight without that was not easy.

To achieve this, we included these features:

Tierra frame sizes.

While we finish the tierra section on the website, here are some details about the geometry.

For you to understand it better, we have compared it to a pantera 2 frame. Here are the three main details

1. the seat tube is offset 10mm. / 0.4” back. That´s made to make a stiffer rear end and to have more space on the front end. That also means that the 20.6” frame will feel like a regular 20.2” frame. The 21” will feel like a 20.6” frame

2. the rear end is 13mm. / 0.5” shorter than the pantera. That makes a really fun and quick bike

3. the seat tube is not as low as the first prototypes. They were too much… the final frame has a 10mm. / 0.4” lower seat tube.

I hope you like these details.

For the record, I really, really want one in 21"TT...

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