Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bits and (video) pieces.

First, some new product stuff. Cult have an Occult pivotal seat out. It's your usual stumpy Pivotal, but has what some people might consider a more alluring cover.

Cardinal's new frame also has a feature on Ride US. It's funny how MTB companies are always trying to copy BMX, but end up being a few years behind, whereas now a BMX company is copying what MTB companies used to do years ago. They're leaving behind vertical dropouts for a reason, but hey ho - I'm sure the public will decide...

Biggest embed code ever, by the way.

Oh - sort of a new product I guess, but issue 3 of CASE is due to drop soon. Don't think I saw #2, but #3 looks like it's light-years ahead of #1 in terms of design and (possibly) content, which is cool. Good to see progression there, and it's also good to see what looks like a pretty sweet end product. Looking forward to checking out the Tom Davis interview too - the guy's ridiculously good, yet still pretty much unknown. Having said that, I didn't realise he was sponsored now - although I probably knew at the time but forgot. Getting old or something... Anyways, Defgrip have the preview.

I'd heard plenty of rumours about the Carhartt video, and as a sort of 4-Down/Carhartt mix, here it is:

Lastly, before I eat my lunch and get back to work, here's a pretty random little edit feat. Eddie Cleveland and Jackson Ratima.

From TheMannaMachine, whatever that is?

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