Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday = Awesome video day?

Apparently so. Something new and something old in the form of a Bangin' new Eric Lichtenberger video from Sunday, which potentially the most ridiculous pegless rail-related ender ever?

Eric L, Hold On! from

The 'old' is this awesome section from Brighton Ain't Ready featuring Sean Sexton and the not-used-enough TV On The Radio. "Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes" and "Dear Science" are well worth a listen if you're planning on broadening your musical spectrum. Vocal harmonies? Hell. Yeah.

Speaking of pegless enders too - not the first time this ender's been seen in a web edit (Ben Lewis got involved with one to name but one person), but it's serious business none-the-less. Some awesome little bits and pieces in the rest of the video too, but what else would you expect from the freshly Fit sponsored Farren Downes? The dude's rad...

Lastly - if you want to see the new Cosmotron V3 or part of the new Sect forks (wasn't that name taken already?), click those links.

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