Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love good connections

My home connection is terrible, so I'm using this brief respite in Wales to post up some cool stuff.

Albert Mercado is one of my favourite riders to watch. Awesome style, creative, just great to see. This was up on Dig:

Mutiny have posted up two cool vids - one of Mat Roe getting rad, and the other of George Boyd doing a cool rail trick, then a not-so-cool knee destroying trick.

I quite like Stranger's site, and they've also got an interesting 'sponsor me' thing on the go. Bit different to the norm...

I haven't really been interested in the 'industry' side of things much at all lately, but Rob-O has an interview up on ESPN which is quite informative.

I now have to drive 3 hours home. Bye...

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