Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I can't think of a good one.

This video's getting posted here because even though it's a trailer for a web video, it features Adolfo, who many of you may already know or may sorta know from the Street Vs. Tweak jams of yesteryear, and also 'cos it features Modest Mouse. From FFWD.

FFWD also had this video of Lloyd up today, which is fairly ridiculous. Boy got skills.

Happened to check out the United site today too, and they've got a little post talking about Leo Forte's design site, which is here. I'm into art/design, so it was cool to see even though it contains a set of spiral stairs that I'm pretty sure would end my life, judging from my stair-walking-down success of late. Dead sailor...

I'd imagine that Leo Forte would probably be into this video as it features some trails - it's been pretty much everywhere already but that doesn't really lessen it's impact, in both a literal and figurative sense.

That video's by Pretty Shady who also posted up this video of great success on a different line. Those trails are beast, and wider-than-the-world Youtube embeds are pretty beast too. They've also given me a desire to watch the old Twenty vid of Alex Dropsy annihilating a set of trails filmed on a helmet cam, which is officially the (second) most ridiculous trails footage I've seen. So good, yet so hard to now find...

I wasn't particularly into this edit overall, but Caleb Quanbeck absolutely owns nose manuals, and in the hopes that watching it again might make me get even fractionally better at doing them I'm posting this. Monkey see, monkey do.

Very much lastly, 'cos it's officially riding time, here's an edit from Odyssey. Terry Adams makes his riding look as goofy as Aaron Ross's stance in this, but it's a fun video to watch and they both do some cool stuff, so give it a scope.

Yeah, I said "give it a scope". Mixing up the word-age, yo.


Nick said...

Do you mean this one Alex Dropsy in Le Mal Est Fait

Mark Westlake said...

Haven't seen that video before, but that was pretty rad too. Cheers for the link!